The Sigmund Grant Process 

Sigmund Foundation grants are available to designated 501 © 3 organizations in Jackson and Lenawee counties.  Although education is the primary focus of the Foundation, grants have varied according to the merits of the request.  There are not set deadlines for submitting Letters of Intent. 

After submitting a completed Letter of Intent that is attached to this website, the Board of Directors will make a decision as to whether a full proposal should be reviewed.  Should they agree, the nonprofit will be sent a Sigmund Grant Application.  A site visit will be scheduled by staff.  Potential grantees can anticipate a decision within eight to twelve weeks after their proposal has been received.

Several Hints About Grantwriting 

1.  Research your potential funder:  What areas do they usually fund (The Sigmund Foundation primarily donates to educational scholarships and programs.)  AND, how much are their average grants.  If you are unable to locate this information on the Internet, by all means call them.  (Asking for large amounts can turn the potential funder off.) 

2.  Learn the difference between a Letter of Intent and a Proposal.  Provide the potential funder with the information that they ask – in the order in which they ask.  Find out when letters of support are appropriate.  

3.  Writing grants to Federal agencies and private/family/community foundations differ greatly. 

4.  Take advantage of grant writing seminars in your area.  Information that is acquired will give you a “leg up” in your search for funds.  In addition, the Internet is full of free websites devoted to grant making.  In Jackson and Lenawee counties, contact the Nonprofit Network for their expertise. 

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